You want it to be approximately 45-50% full. I love the Tardis. Neon Tetras aren't picky eaters by any means. You never want to house more than one male betta fish at a time in the same aquarium. These eel-like oddball fish grow to about 3.5 inches long and are great scavengers for picking up any excess food your betta drops . +21 RB Ok then why are they always out and about minding their own business and never fight. Are you looking for some tank mates for your betta? They're omnivores, so they can thrive with practically any diet. Bruh you're dumb af, mollies nip on the betta fins. It's easy! Scouts honor . Certain mates work better than others in a community tank, however. Anyway, keep that in mind when considering your aquariums size. Tank Mates This will obviously increase depending on the number of other fish you keep in your tank . These are two things you just cant go without! +Gavin Falcon Simply set up a temporary tank, cycle it as you normally would, and acclimate and add your new fish into the tank. Your tank is really nice! This video was helpful I've had a betta since August and he lives in a 1.5 gal tank it's relatively big for him so I decided to get 4 Neon tetras to add to the tank and I waited an hour so they could adjust before I put him back in luckily I was cleaning the tank today too so he was already out. Tiger barbs might be beautiful, but they tend to be a little too boisterous to make good mates for bettas. +pokmon master In terms of water parameters all three species live in similar conditions (76-82F, pH ~7.0), but this is not the only thing to consider. (including dimming the lights) can definitely be applied to other fish and their introduction to a new tank! Hello there! Don't forget to like our FB page! The honey gourami is a wonderful community fish that is very peaceful. 1 gallon isn't enough for even one fish. A random question: does this apply to any breed of fish or just certain breed of fish? I hope this helps any new members! My betta is super red giant. Another good way of providing interest for your betta fish is to give him some company in his tank. Betta fish are tropical fish, and so are all the other fish in this article. There are several different kinds of loaches that you could keep safely with bettas. the 1st neon tetra completely loss its tail while the other is suffering from stress and does not recover and died 1 day after. cherry or ghost shrimp are okay, but shrimp don't last super long. Step #1: Tank setup. (My betta is a big scaredy fish), And Otto's should be in at least a ten gallon planted tank, I wouldn't put any other fish in a 2.5 gallon. Even though that is considerably smaller than the 2-foot pleco mentioned above, you wouldnt want more than just one pleco in a 10-gallon betta tank. Female guppies are larger, have duller colors, shorter tails, and longer bodies than males. This allows for ASD to promote items that are more effective to promote via Amazon versus selling on this site due to shipping costs, the vendor's choice to only carry through Amazon, or order minimums. Your email address will not be published. +Cheyann Eder Sure! But wait, arent betta fish really aggressive? Many fish keepers keep their betta fish in a five-gallon tank or even less. Guppies flutter their tails and a male betta will attack. Betta Fish Tank Mates Overview - You should never keep a single fish in the same tank as a Siamese fighting fish as they will constantly bully the same individual. These peaceful fish come in a huge range of colors, and they are really easy to care for so they are a great choice for beginners. Endlers livebearers are one of the best choices if you want tank companions for your betta but dont have a lot of room. So, an angry betta fish cant do too much damage to an accidentally intruding pleco. Thank I just bought a 20 gallon tank so I can put my betta, 2 black molys, and 6 Pygmy, +21 RB so now you are being nice and calm. For this reason, you must be extremely cautious when breeding double-tail bettas or introducing tank mates. Bettas are fiercely territorial, aggressively chasing away any interlopers on their patch and sometimes fighting to the death. Food & Diet. I'm a good boy xD. A frog is fine but snails are extremely messy and will create to much ammonia in the tank, i find 1 gallon a bit small for a betta i keep a minimum of 5 gal this is not hate but tips :). Jackson's tail doesn't look like my new crow tail Betta! If you're looking to add some flowering plants to your aquarium, here are eleven great choices. Today I introduced my beta into the community tank. Bettas have earned their reputation for being highly aggressive and territorial towards other bettas. +GyomiTV my mollies think that my guppy too is a molly because when my 1st molly had fry i put the guppy there and they swim together with the betta and play together and my betta is a helpful fish when my zebra danios who died last year because his left fin where nipped my betta helps him swimand i added last night in my other tank with 5 guppies with a female betta too and the ones with the mollies added their too and the gupppy breeded too with a molly so their are alot of fry their. Rummy nose tetras are beautiful schooling fish that make suitable companions for both male and female bettas. If you keep your betta in a nano tank of 5 gallons or so, companions can be pretty tough to find. You must be very observant of whatever situation you put your betta fish in. Avoid the following tetra species: As you can see, there are loads of awesome betta fish mates to choose from. you'll also hear the horror stories of how the betta won't tolerate anything else in the same tank. Another solid piece of advice is that it is better to introduce your betta to another tank, rather than introduce another fish to his tank. If you are interested in starting a sorority of female betta fish, its not as easy as just grouping a bunch together. +Joseph Borges well usually that's what happens, it's not recommended. Female bettas can still be aggressive towards other bettas, but they are not as bad as males. I have Pygmy Corys with my koi betta! One problem- I'm 12. +No1likeSharonEach individual betta is different, but in my experience if a betta sits at the bottom then it's usually a sign that something is wrong. can I put other fish with my Betta in a 10 gallon tank if he has tail rotting? Luckily there has been no nipping, but she has been flaring at the new bettas and also chasing them while flaring. Is it okay? Picking female betta tank mates can actually be a little easier than for male bettas because females do not have such huge fins and are less likely to be bullied by fin nippers. I have a male in a tank with not only guppies but MALE guppies and he does not even bother to chase them. Your betta and your tank is so pretty! Hi! Betta fish care instructions Conclusion Why is betta fish in a cup? I did add at least 12 neons in with a betta, slowly introducing it and after 5 days I receive 2 casualties. As a result, introducing them to a freshly cycled tank could be fatal. for the most part adding plants may help a lot with the bareness. You should not have more than one male betta in the same tank. I have them in with my betta as well as a ivory mystery snail. i want to keep cory but im afraid about the pictus catfish, Lol all the time I was thinking: "they look cute AF!" Make sure the gravel isn't too big or a cherry shrimp might get their leg caught. Pay attention to the following facts to help you choose the best tank mates for your betta community tanks! they look too similar to bettas and most bettas would go after them. Beautiful tank ! Platies are also notorious nippers of fins. they were in a 29 gallon which eventually got stocked with 6 panda cories that my beta constantly interacted with intrigue towards them. Best Tank Mates for your Betta Fish: What if the whole essence of putting female betta with the male betta was to make them have tankmates. These cannot live with your betta because both have to love different water flows. Each betta fish has his or her own personality, so its really important to have a plan-B in case your fish arent getting along. Your betta tank is tilted and it could lead to the tank breaking. In this part of our guide, we take a look at a range of different creatures that can make suitable tank mates for betta fish. its only been 2 days and there is no aggression of flaring. so i have a 50 gallon that is being sett up and i want to but my better in with my platys but i also have 3 neon tetras. Would it be OK to do so ? I love him! Steps to introduce tank mates to a betta fish tank 1.Determine the quantity of tank mate: as the fish tank space is limited, it is necessary to determine how many fish to add. You should also use this tank to quarantine the new fish for about two weeks before you add tank mates to your display tank. +Cheryl Dahl Well most viewers of this video are not going to be novice fish keepers :) I haven't needed to do a fish-in cycle for the longest time though since I already have established filter media and most of my tanks have so many plants that it's a silent cycle! Starting off the runner-up list is the Neon tetra. Choosing the best mates for your betta fish can be pretty stressful, especially with the aggressive reputation of these awesome fish. Unless you have a good colony going, chances are most of your shrimp will get eaten. However, smaller species of plecos can work quite well when sharing an aquarium with a betta fish. Tank Specs: Size: 10 Gallon Plants: Willow hygrophilia, java moss, java fern, anubias nana, some sort of vallisneria and a bunch of others that I can't remember sorry! I was curious to know whether this applied to certain fish or all fish. I put 2 African dwarf frogs in my 2.5 gallon tank and they have been fine. I have a 1 gallon tank, is it okay if I put an African Dwarf Frog or Snail in there? These fish suck on other fish, literally. And ADF are really cute! In fact, only one male betta should be kept in any community tank, unless its really large. Ok, maybe sadistic was too strong a word. Generally people keep more hardy fish in ponds so you probably do not have to be as careful. or does it have to be in the order from the video you posted. If bettas tendency to get cranky at their relatives isnt enough, gouramis are fairly aggressive fish themselves. Do you think that behavior is acceptable for tank mates? It is always nice to have a extra tank for cleaning or if you have any problems and I have a family owned pet store up the road that take fantastic care of there fish and sell the cheaper than the other pet stores, Heh this video is 3 years old and it's awesome. The price of a koi betta fish depends on the type, with costs varying from $2 to $30. These tiny fish have an amazing bright orange color that can make any fish tank look amazing. These fish keep their distance from the betta fish and are relatively non-invasive overall. Substrate and decorations mostly come down to your personal preference, but there are a few important tips that I can share: The great thing about the betta fish tank mates in this list is that they are common and easy to find at most local pet stores. I have a log in there and added some small plants and all seems well right now when ever he gets close the little pack of Tetras just swim away hopefully this works out. So, all in all, we think its better to avoid guppies altogether. Great video! One thing to watch out for is that shrimp tend to enjoy breeding. A male betta should not be kept with female bettas in the same tank. We are starting here because these fish share the same characteristics as the White Cloud Mountain minnow. Guppies prefer higher pH water, however, so they can make ideal mates for betta fish as long as the water pH is neutral or slightly higher. Filter: Azoo Mignon 360 Substrate: Seachem Fluorite Black + CaribSea Tahitian Moon Sand Lighting: Finnex FugeRay (16") Additives: Seachem Prime, Seachem Flourish, Seachem Flourish Excel, Seachem Flourish Iron Filming & Editing by Corado Burcus, Pygmy Corydoras (Organism Classification), Dwarf Corydoras (Organism Classification), My dad said that if my Betta does well for one month, we can move him into a five gallon tank. They do, Most people don't understand cycling a tank lol, +GyomiTV ya, that is when it is most fun hehe. We have sorted out top betta tank mates, you can choose that fit to your tank size. Betta fish are intelligent, curious fish that can become stressed and miserable if not provided with plenty of entertainment in their environment. XD. Well done video, very helpful.And Jackson is one handsome betta. We seek to promote and sell equipment that works and understand that sometimes these will be products we do not carry so we are happy to part folks in the right direction :). I think starting off with a betta would definitely be better for your cycle. They're also one of the most striking fish you can add to your tank, primarily silver with iridescent flashes of color. In a smaller tank, or any tank really, an African Dwarf Frog works really well with a betta! I've been wondering about his sexuality but I'm very sure he's a male. Woops. So, putting two aggressive-natured fish together is simply asking for trouble. Also do make sure your tank is cycled, Betta is a lot more hardy than a shrimp so don't be surprised if your shrimp dies the next day in uncycled tank. i would love to have one or two more tank mates for him but not entirely knowing how he would react im hesitant to say the least he's an energetic little buddy and loves to hide and say hello from a long day of no interaction, i feel almost like im neglecting him! A forum community dedicated to Betta fish owners and enthusiasts. You can also add frozen food, dried food, mosquito larvae, and brine shrimp. 4 betta fish: 25 gallons. Do you mind checking my channel out? I understand. How big is your aquarium? just put them together and let them do their own business haha, My betta doesn't flare at all unless I put a mirror to the glass (which is normal) and he doesn't even care when the platys are near him they just chill together and he doesn't care about the frogs or Cory catfish wither. +794MULTIAnd yes, dimming the lights is just to not stress out the new fish :). Betta's behavior can be unpredictable, and even the most appropriate tank mates may not work out as planned. Adding some hiding spaces and live plants will also help to break up the line of sight and let your fish get away from any conflict. He's also very very docile. Be very selective about which tank mates you choose, and how you introduce your betta. A general rule of thumb with these fish is that if you can keep your Otos alive for a week or two, they should settle in and do well thereafter. You just need to keep in mind what kind of personality your betta has. I have a 2.5 gallon with my really peaceful betta (he will swim from his reflection, +WNY fish tanks 4u I'm sure the hasbrosus will love that 29 gallon! Monitor tank mates closely for at least 72 hours or more. Very well done. They need to be placed in a mature tank that's well-established. As a side note, avoid larger gouramis. Some betta fish seem aggressive, while others will be calmer in general. Your tank looks gorgious and natural, I can't hear you you talk to low and YES I turned up the volume. I think a five gallon take is a little small for pygmy cories. This will help a lot. I would love to see you stick your head in the tank and have the Betta crap in your mouth. Male Betta Builds a Bubble Nest An hour or so after the fish have been introduced, the male should begin constructing his bubble nest between his displays to the female. +794MULTIYes you would have to animal-proof your pond if you have wildlife passing through your yard. I monitored them closely and they all seemed settled in. You might want to first understand your betta fish before seeking out companions for it. Make sure there are plenty of plants or decorations it can seek refuge in. How to acclimate. However, you should remember that each species has unique care needs, and you will need to research this before making your final selection. ZoZoe Registered Joined Jul 2, 2014 71 Posts From what I understand they are pretty mucha ll over Southeast Asia :) Lots of different species under "betta". Betta fish dont care about whose food is whose and will tend to eat anything and everything edible. The fact is that bettas can get bullied too, and with such long, beautiful fins, many bettas are weak swimmers that are vulnerable to fin nippers. I have 2 Cory catfish with my Betta. Bettas stay pretty small, so there arent many fish species that they will eat. There are many factors that determine what makes a good tank mate for your betta, so lets run through the most important things to consider. for a fancy goldfish is 20 gallons per fish, and for pond goldfish such as comets, more!). They are both aggressive creatures that will almost certainly fight if kept together. Cory catfish get along with pretty much any other small tropical fish. They grow to just 2 inches or so, but they have a big appetite for algae! She lectures all over so can probably find someone for you. Otos, however, are sometimes quite difficult to acclimate to the aquarium. These fish will take after their other common name and act as Siamese fighting fish. The African Dwarf frogs tend to do their thing, and the betta fish does its separate thing. 1 Snails. I've been told that besides Corys, Platys are also good tank mates. Unless you live in a tropical climate, that means youre going to need a good quality aquarium heater to keep the water temperature in a comfortable range. Supprisingly, I've had a feeder guppy with a betta in a half gallon for nearly a year. I think of it the same way for my pets :). Any advice? Step 1: Wash all fish tank objects Step 2: Prepare your fish tank Step 3: Keep the temperature in check Step 4: Introduce the cup to the fish tank Step 5: Release your betta fish Why is betta fish acclimation important? im pretty sure it stands for Swim.In.Peace. Generally, you can never have more than one male Betta in a single inclosure. A 20-gallon tank can fit 5 female bettas, while a 30-gallon tank can accommodate 7-8 fish. These fish should not be added to very small, new aquariums because there just wont be enough food for them. Watch popular content from the following creators: Peachey(@aquascapingwithpeacheys), Tatertails(@tatertails), Marbles(@bettalegacy), bettas and more(@bettasandmore), becca (@kingboudica), Betta Fisherman(@bettafisherman), Jupiter(@pnw061), Fishandthings | (@andrews._.aquariums . This means a betta is preparing to find a mate. Anyway hope u make more videos fish or your pet related :D. +Lucy Cunnold If you mean goldfish (those are mostly sold as feeders), they require vastly different water parameters, so I strongly encourage separating them! +Joseph Borges I wouldnt really recommend fish like guppies, or mollies. I'm guessing by dimming the lights, this means it won't scare the fish you're adding to the tank? +794MULTIWell I would say bettas are pretty much the easiest, and least demanding in terms of water parameters, tank size, etc. 1 betta fish: 10 gallons. is it OK to put 2 bettas in there or is it too small? my betta tried to bite one of my adf, so I quickly separated the tank. Just keep in mind that the diet should be loaded with protein and meaty. Your aquarium/tank must be higher than your cup or bag. It's pretty easy to tell the difference between a male and a female (females do not ever have big/long tails). mine is male also and petsmart acted like i was crazy when i asked about tank mates for male betta. Overly aggressive bettas should be housed by themselves to prevent accidents. This is also a lot of fish to introduce all at once. Its hilarious. should I try again? Original music: Perfume - Love the WorldThis week we cover how to successfully introduce other fish to your betta tank.Don't forget to like our FB page! Apr 28, 2020 - In this video I'm going to give you tips on how to get your betta to live with other fish. :). SIP Jackson Pollock :(. Wild male bettas choose a territory of around two to three square feet that they patrol daily, chasing away any rival males that try to encroach on their patch. The 15 species in this list are some of the best betta tank mates in the hobby, so you can add them to your community tank with confidence! Female bettas need ample space to thrive. Thx for your replies guys! Cichlids like living in waters that have a high pH balance, whereas betta fish need to live in a low pH environment. Come join the discussion about breeds, health, behavior, tanks, care, classifieds, and more! I'm changing my Bettas water every two days and occasionally every day. Goldfish are coldwater fish that need a water temperature of 65-72F to really thrive. A few suitable companions are listed here. Just be sure to pick up a school of at least 6, that way youll get to see the gang school around in your tank. Goldfish are very messy fish that produce a lot of waste. What tank mates can live with bettas in a 5.5 gallon tank???? Kuhli loach: Usually more active at night when bettas are asleep. If you have done your homework on betta fish, you will instantly see why this poses a problem. What happens when you put an aggressive fish in with another aggressive fish? 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