Related: FF6 Pixel Remaster Will Fix The Phantom Train Flip After Fan Backlash Then bet it in the Dragon's Neck Colosseum. Note: If you didn't get Mog's Water Harmony in the World of Balance, this battle also offers one last chance to obtain it. Go down it, and you will find a statue of a girl. Defeat all 8 dragons, and this Magicite will suddenly be given to you. Her caretaker will provide the party with their first four Esper Magicites. The second great feature is Espers can teach characters magic. Priority should to find summons that grant bonus stats or good spells rather than their in-battle attack. Go to Narshe and go back to where you found it before. 18 Stray Town of Zozo 28 Siren Town of Zozo 16 Sraphim Town of Tzen (buy) 40 Shiva Magitek Factory 27 Ifrit Magitek Factory 26 Unicorn Magitek Research Facility 30 Maduin Magitek Research Facility 44 Bismark Magitek Research Facility 50 Shoat Magitek Research Facility 45 Carbunkl Magitek Research Facility 36 Phantom Magitek Research Facility 38 Cyberpunk 2077: Where to Get Animals Knuckles Legendary Mod for Gorilla Arms, Knights of the Old Republic Remakes Could Embrace Star Wars' Horror Elements, What Like a Dragon 8's Turn-Based Combat Can Learn From Persona, Warhammer Vermintide 2: Every Class, Ranked, Fallout 76: Out of the Blue Passwords (Open Sesame Seed Code), Elden Ring: How to Get the Dark Moon Ring and What It Does, Every Video Game Release Coming Soon For Xbox Series X|S And Xbox One, Skyrim Player Gets Strange Inheritance Letter, Horizon 3: Why the Tenakth Tribe is Pivotal for the Fight Against Nemesis, Diablo 4 Explains Combat and Power Fantasy In New Video, Ryan Coogler Discusses The Question That Drove Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The Esper system was pretty engaging in the game as well, and players who want to optimize their use of these powerful creatures should check out the following list of the best Espers present in Final Fantasy 6Pixel Remaster. I was refering to the esper. Be sure not to use the Vanish/X-Zone trick, or the game will not count Deathgaze as defeated and it will still fly around. The Ragnarok sword does not teach any spells, but does have a 25% chance to cast Flare with Attack. The first four pieces of Magicite you get are located in Zozo, and can be procured during your first visit. Shin-Zantetsuken (True Edge) - Instantly kills all enemies with a higher chance to work than Odin. One will soon find her bedridden in Zozo Tower. Final Fantasy 6 Vs Chrono Trigger: Which Game Is Better? Tri-Disaster (Tri Dazer) - Tri-elemental attack (fire, ice and lightning) on all enemies. If one Esper is purchased the chance of finding the other will increase. When enough AP is gained with the correct Magicite is equipped they will permanently acquire the spell. After defeating Humbaba in Mobliz for the first time, a kid will give this to you if you talk to him. Players need to finish the dungeon in Doma Castle after finding Cyan and defeat the final boss to bag this prize. Valve Corporation. Next: All Final Fantasy Origin Bosses That Are From FF1 Revealed So Far. Find and defeat Deathgaze while flying around in the airship. Some Magicites will grant stat bonuses on each level up, making it more beneficial to equip one at the lowest level possible. His summon ability might be powerful, but it does a ton of damage to friends and foes alike and is not recommended for use in a high-stakes battle. The franchise attained new heights of success during their tenure on the original PlayStation, with the series seeing many ups and downs ever since. However,. Players need to buy the Excalipoor in the Auction House and bet it in the Coliseum. The man is walking/hiding behind some trees in the upper-right corner of the town, all the way in the back. Abyssal Maw (Earth Aura) - Earth elemental attack on all enemies, Alluring Embrace (Group Hug) - Heals all allies, Divine Judgement (Justice) - Holy elemental attack on all enemies. Summon Attack: Judgment Bolt Summon Attack Description: Bathes all enemies in lightning. I'm in the desert south of Maranda and all I find are fucking Slagworms. Metamorphose - Attempts to turn one enemy into an item. Players can fight the dragons as they meet them, or come back later with better weapons and spells to make the fights easier. Defeat him to gain his magicite. RELATED: The Best Western RPGs That Ape Final Fantasy's Turn-Based Combat. Below is a listing of the magicite in Final Fantasy VI. Defeating all of them will unlock the ultimate summon, Crusader. Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster is available on PC, iOS, and Android. Inside, a man will ask you if you would rather have the sword Ragnarok or the Magicite Ragnarok. After defeating the final boss, players will get Lakshmi as another Esper in their collection. However, Vanish/Doom will work every time. It is best to gain these before doing any serious late-game leveling. The first step to achieving this is to get the Esper Valigarmanda, who teaches all these spells at very slow rates. In the World of Ruin, talk to the man near the entrance of South Figaro. It will get stuck under the sand, and you can enter a new cave via a hole in the prison level. Below you will find a list of every Esper in the game, and all of their pertinent information. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. 1000 Needles, 10,000 Needles? Zantetsuken (Atom Edge) - Attempts to kill all enemies, fails against enemies immune to death as well as bosses. However, the vanish/death trick doesn't work in the GBA version, so you have to fight Deathgaze normally. The Auction House will have random items to bid on. Players can learn the iconic Flare from this Esper while also enjoying a 50% bonus to HP in the process. In the World of Ruin, buy Excalipoor in the Jidoor Auction House for 500,000 Gil. Included are their locations, when you can find them, how much it costs to summon their espers, the bonus gained to a character's stats upon level-up, which spells are learned by equipping the esper, and how many points you can towards learning a spell per AP gained after a successful battle. With the release of the new Pixel Remasters for the classic Final Fantasy games, players have another excuse to get into these classic titles once again. However, most people won't be able to make full use of this Esper since players have to kill the eight Dragons in the World of Ruin to get this Magicite, with the last one residing in Kefka's Tower itself! Once beaten, they yield their Magicite to you. However, with the use of Espers anyone else can acquire spells over many battles. Defeat him, and you get his magicite and a Merit Award. Narshe (Requires Locke, and the esper must be chosen), Board the ferry in the World of Ruin, then defeat Leviathan (GBA), Excalipoor, Excalibur, Masamune, Enkidu - Attacks all enemies with Excalipoor, Excalibur, Masamune, or with Enkidu, Bet Excalipoor and defeat Gilgamesh (GBA). take a character there solo, stay on teh greem sections and have the Exp. Reenter the room on the : right, take the newly-created stairs downward, watch out for : the dragon, and examine the statue at the top. Go through the cave and enter the Ancient Castle there. Each Esper can teach a variety of magic, with some gifting the same spells while others are completely unique. What the hell? Hopefully this guide has helped you to find any Esper that has eluded you so far! With Lakshmi, players can learn almost all the most powerful healing spells in Final Fantasy 6 with ease! The latter is undoubtedly the better choice, with this sword being obtainable through other means. This can be found in Umaro's Cave in Narshe, simply search the skull there, defeat Umaro, and it's yours. A secret passageway will open. Talk to it, and the Odin Magicite will become the Raiden Magicite. - Deals either 1000 damage or 9999 damage to all enemies. Gilgamesh is only in the GBA version of the game. Walk straight ahead and talk to the statue of Odin. If you manage to defeat it, the Magicite is yours. Players need to rescue Locke in the World of Ruin and have him pick the lock to the Weapons Shop in Narshe to get this powerful Magicite. Worst part about the Cactuar Island is those damn sandworms. Eventually, you'll be attacked by a Gigantuar. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The iconic Gilgamesh makes his way in Final Fantasy 6 as an Esper. Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster features additional Espers that were not in the original 16-bit Super Nintendo version. Angel Feathers (Reviver) - Heals all allies. The equipped magicite piece's esper can be summoned once per battle by pressing , or tapping the magicite tab (for the mobile/Steam releases), in the Magic menu mid-battle. Still, the actual magic selection may also be more important. These Magicite are given to you by Ramuh in Zozo. Not to worry, below are some places where you can quickly and easily farm Magic Points! Diabolos is only in the GBA version of the game. Go to Figaro Castle, in the World of Ruin, and try to move the castle somewhere else. if you want a good XP farm spot, hit Doma island in WoR 9 (World of Ruin). This page was last edited on 8 April 2022, at 01:09. 1 List of locations 1.1 Figaro-Narshe region 1.2 Doma-Mobliz region 1.3 Kohlingen-Jidoor region 1.4 Vector region 1.5 Thamasa region 1.6 Other List of locations Figaro-Narshe region Ancient Castle Duncan's Cabin Figaro Castle Lethe River Mt. The massive ensemble cast coupled with a brilliant story and one of the best video game antagonists of all time has led to this game earning plaudits from critics and fans alike. The former lets characters take more actions in battle, while the latter increases the physical damage of the entire party. One of your characters will have to fight an Onion Dasher. Please see the. Crusader's impressive 50% MP bonus is the major reason why he bags such a high spot on this list. For example, strong melee fighters like Cyan and Sabin may want a strength raising Esper like Ifrit or Raiden. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, List of Espers, Their Summon Effects, Level Bonuses, Spells, and Locations, Unicorn, Maduin, Catoblepas, Phantom, Carbuncle, and Bismarck, Chapter 2: From Figaro Castle to The Returners' Hideout, Chapter 8: From Vector to the Sealed Gate, Chapter 9: From the Sealed Gate to Thamasa, Chapter 10: The Floating Island to the World of Ruin, Chapter 11: From Cid's Island to Darill's Tomb,, Judgement Bolt (Bolt Fist) - Lightning elemental attack on all enemies, Holy Aura (Life Guard) - Casts Regen on all allies, Lunatic Voice (Hope Song) - Casts Silence on all enemies, Hellfire (Inferno) - Fire elemental attack on all enemies, Magitek Research Facility (Defeat him and Shiva), Diamond Dust (Gem Dust) - Ice elemental attack on all enemies, Magitek Research Facility (Defeat her and Ifrit), Healing Horn (Heal Horn) - Casts Esuna on all allies, Chaos Wave (Chaos Wing) - non-elemental attack on all enemies, Ghostly Veil (Fader) - Casts Vanish on all allies, Ruby Light (Ruby Power) - Casts Reflect on all allies, Breach Blast (Sea Song) - Water elemental attack on all enemies, Earthen Wall (Earth Wall) - Blocks physical attacks until the barrier's HP is depleted, Magic Shield (Wall) - Casts Shell on all allies. Defeat it, and Bahamut is yours. I can't even find the regular Cactids. Cultist`s Tower is a great place to grind for magic points and gains spells from your magicite. At first, Terra and Celes are the only Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster party members that can naturally gain magic. During the trip, Leviathan will attack. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. In the World of Ruin, defeat ten Cactuars in the desert near Maranda. After getting the airship in the World of Ruin, return to Cid's Island, and you will find this Magicite on the beach. At a later point in the game, players will have their first airship, the Blackjack. Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster is currently available on PC and Mobile. Healing spells are extremely necessary and required in a JRPG where players can be put in a dire spot at a moment's notice. Terra also learns it at Level 99. MORE: Final Fantasy 6 Vs Chrono Trigger: Which Game Is Better? Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, The Leading Source for Gaming News, Reviews, and Interviews, Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster: How to Find Every Esper, FF6 Pixel Remaster Will Fix The Phantom Train Flip After Fan Backlash, FF6 Pixel Remaster Ruins The Game's Epic Opening In The Rudest Way, All Final Fantasy Origin Bosses That Are From FF1 Revealed So Far. This guide will detail every esper, how to obtain them, what abilities they teach and at what rates. His published works have appeared on GameSpot, EGM, and App Annie. Go to Doma in the World of Ruin and do the entire Cyan quest. After saving either Shadow or Realm from the Cave of the Death, players should head over to Owzer's Mansion in Jidoor and complete this dungeon. You can't avoid taking them. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Now that you (hopefully) have all these nice, shiny new Espers, I bet you are itching to go out there and learn all of those spells! Tumbleweeds are waht you are looking for, I get good AP and exp from the dinos near Guas dad's place. The final tier of the elemental spells present in Final Fantasy 6 can be a pain to learn. Afterward, go to Nikeah and ride the ferry. After the scenes, you'll fight two magitek (use Autocrossbow) Once on Chocobos, head to the cave at the south of the map. After the match, Gilgamesh shows up and challenges your party for Excalipoor. Rama is an exceptionally strong human who is revealed to be a god in the "Ramayana." Location: After finding Terra in Zozo, WoB. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. However, equipping an Esper Magicite also gives benefits after a battle is complete. The go-to source for comic and superhero movies. It's a fun battle, and Valigarmanda's powers more than make up for this backtracking. Here's how to find the most valuable of the bunch. A list showing which spells are taught by more than one Esper. Egg equipped and have Vanish cast on the character. Like in most Final Fantasy games, summons can be brought out in battle to deal high damage or possibly heal. Each character can equip only one piece of magicite at a time and, conversely, each piece of magicite can be equipped by only one character at any given time. Kolts Narshe Narshe Cliffs Narshe Mines (North Passage) Narshe Mines (South Passage) Returner Hideout Shortly before leaving the Magitek Factory, all of these Espers give their Magicite to you. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). He teaches two of the best abilities in the game, Quick and Valor. To get Raiden, stand on the right throne, walk five steps down and press the A button. Zona Seeker can be bought for 10,000 Gil and Golem costs 20,000 Gil. While it is possible to acquire these on foot, it is even easier once getting an airship. This will allow them to storm the imperial stronghold, the Magitek Research Facility. After defeating your opponent, Gilgamesh will appear. You can only use magic and different skills there but ultima magic can take care of most enemies. Deathgaze does not recover its HP, so it can be challenged as many times as you want until it is defeated. Finding the best Espers in Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster is highly recommended. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Another legendary Final Fantasy summon that needs no introduction is Alexander. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. However, with the use of Espers anyone else can acquire spells over many battles. Complete the Phoenix Cave, and Locke will give you this Magicite. Summon MP Cost: 25 Level Bonus: Stamina +1 Spell List and Learn Rates: It's impossible to have a list of the best summons in any Final Fantasy game without mentioning this iconic figure. RELATED: Which Final Fantasy Villain Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign. Ramuh, Kiren, Siren, Cait Sith. Final Fantasy VI Vs Chrono Trigger: Which Game Is Better? Related: FF6 Pixel Remaster Will Fix The Phantom Train Flip After Fan Backlash. Given Phoenix's legendary stature in the lore of Final Fantasy, it's easy to see why so many people consider it to be the best Esper in the game. This allows players to have more balanced or customized parties. Players will need to directly fight a few Epsers, like Shiva and Ifrit, but many will be gained after the entire mission is completed. Defeat him to get the Cactuar magicite. Games, music, TV shows, movies, and a little bit of everything else. This brings forth Gilgamesh, whom players need to fight and defeat to earn his services as an Esper. These are impossible to miss, given that you have to talk to Ramuh to move the plot along. Flames of Rebirth (Life Giver) - Revives all KO'd allies. Does not revive anybody contrary to its SNES name. All rights reserved. Defeat Gigantuar in the World of Ruin (GBA), Dark Messenger - Reduces all enemies' HP to 1/16 and causes sap, Defeat the Superboss Kaiser Dragon in the Dragon's Den. Gilgamesh: Buy Excalipoor in Jidoor's auction house, bet it in the Colosseum. Bahamut is a massive damage dealer no matter which game he might be featured in, with Final Fantasy 6 being no exception to this golden rule. The Odin : magicite will become Raiden. At first, Terra and Celes are the only Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster party members that can naturally gain magic. It will yield the Odin Magicite. They are inaugural to the main storyline, which means players will find some just by playing straight through. This may be via side quests or due to recruiting a character back into the team. They can both be found at bottom of a pit in the Magitek Research Facility. A list of magic spells the magicite teaches is displayed when it is equipped. Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster: 8 Best Espers & Where They Can Be Found, The Best Western RPGs That Ape Final Fantasy's Turn-Based Combat, Which Final Fantasy Villain Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Final Fantasy: Most Disturbing Things That Happen In The Games, Final Fantasy 6: Things You Didn't Know About Celes, Players need to rescue Locke in the World of Ruin. There are many Espers hidden within Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster. As stated before, healing spells are extremely powerful in Final Fantasy 6. He tells you about a creature he saw in the ocean. Once you transform Odin, its Meteor spell is lost. This is especially true in the case of revival magic, with Phoenix's Flames of Rebirth ability raising all downed party members. Go to the star shaped mountain range north of Tzen and land in the middle. If missed, they can be bought in the World of Ruin. A number of Espers are gained by playing through the main storyline. These tend to be weaker in power than others found through optional quests. This cool Esper was seen by Terra at the very start of the game in Narshe Minesand that's exactly where players need to head to fight and defeat this summon. Espers and their struggles are a big part of Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster. The Final Fantasy series is a legendary JRPG franchise with many famous games under its belt. This Magicite can be bought from a traveling salesman in Tzen for 3000 Gil in the World of Balance or 10 Gil in the World of Ruin. RELATED: Final Fantasy 6: Things You Didn't Know About Celes. Ragnarok is one of the more unique summons in the game, with players having the ability to receive a powerful sword instead of this Esper. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This allows players to have more balanced or customized parties. until you are ableto use Ultima Weapon to its fullest, equip the Zantetsuken with the Masters Scroll. South Figaro Cave Use your map to get three items in this cave. (GBA). It is only visible to you. ; fortunately, that spell can also be learned from Crusader and Celes learns it at Level 99, so don't worry about it. Defeat Chadarnook in Owzer's house in Jidoor, and collect it from Owzer's bookshelf. Finding this Esper involves having to deal with the annoying Deathgaze, a hidden boss that players have to find multiple times in the airship while exploring the World of Ruin. In short, magicite is pretty damned versatile. These can both be found in the Auction house in Jidoor. In the World of Ruin, go to the Narshe Weapon Shop with Locke, and he will unlock the door. Kurtis Seid has been covering the game industry for over a decade. To advance the plot, you must fight and defeat them. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. RELATED: Final Fantasy: Most Disturbing Things That Happen In The Games. Players need to head to the Phoenix's Cave in the World of Ruin and complete the dungeon to get this Magicite. Note: Ragnarok is the only Esper in the game that can teach a character Ultima, but if you want the sword it is also possible to teach Ultima by equipping a character with the Paladin Shield. You learn of this man in either world from one of the old men near the dock area. It is best to pair up an Esper with a character aiming for a similar strategy or bonus. Tzen (Buy from a man hidden in the nearby forest for 3000 Gil in the World of Balance or 10 Gil in the World of Ruin), Howling Moon (Moon Song) - Makes illusions of allies, Mobliz (After defeating Humbaba the first time). 2 Specific Locations 2.1 Ramuh, Kirin, Siren, and Cait Sith 2.2 Ifrit and Shiva 2.3 Unicorn, Maduin, Catoblepas, Phantom, Carbuncle, and Bismarck 2.4 Golem and Zona Seeker 2.5 Seraph 2.6 Quetzalli 2.7 Fenrir 2.8 Valigarmanda 2.9 Midgardsormr 2.10 Lakshmi 2.11 Alexander 2.12 Phoenix 2.13 Bahamut 2.14 Crusader 2.15 Odin and Raiden 2.16 Ragnarok After all, the only Esper that can teach Ultima in the game is Ragnarok, which is an opportunity no player should miss out on. And that's it! If an Esper does not appear, players will need to come back at a later time. Several are based on characters and monsters that first appeared in other Final Fantasy games. Also, where exactly is Cactuar? At the end of the quest, it will be sitting on the throne in the throne room of Doma Castle. This summon has played an important role in most Final Fantasy games, with its very concept being extremely unique and engaging in its own right. During a mid-game quest, players will be tasked with searching for a runaway Terra. Leviathan is only in the GBA version of the game. Many more Espers will be found in the second half of the game, via the World of Ruin. The fact that he teaches both Meltdown and Meteor is also a plus. You only need to pick up Shiva to continue with the game, but picking up Ifrit is highly advised. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with FINAL FANTASY VI. Finding this powerful summon and using its powers is a blast in Final Fantasy 6, especially given the wealth of powerful spells that are unlocked by using this Esper. Go to the : right chair of the two thrones and take five steps downward, : then press A. You'll hear a click. Note: Odin is the only esper in the game who can boost your speed attribute, except for the GBA-exclusive Cactuar. Related: FF6 Pixel Remaster Ruins The Game's Epic Opening In The Rudest Way. Choose the Magicite, and it will be yours. Mega Flare (Sun Flare) - non-elemental attack on all enemies, Cleansing (Purifier) - Non-elemental attack on all enemies and allies. Players need to rescue Locke in the World of Ruin and have him pick the lock to the Weapons Shop in Narshe to get this powerful Magicite. Once you've fought your way to the city's tallest building and found Terra you'll speak to Ramuh, who will produce three pieces of Magicite and then turn into one himself. Afterwards, a cave opens up to reveal the Yeti's Cave. alright, i get the first 4 espers from that Ramuh guy, then i go to abilitiesv screen and NO ESPERS THERE! He also was a former editor for Electronic Arts' Origin platform. One particular Final Fantasy game that players still consider to be the greatest title in the series is Final Fantasy 6. There are eight super dragon bosses scattered across the World of Ruin, each representing a different elemental power. Espers allow characters in Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster to learn magic, gain stat boosts, and use powerful attacks in battle. Defeat Kaiser Dragon in the Dragon's Den for it. However, even more of them are hidden in dungeons or found through different quests. If any enemy absorbs or is immune to even one element, they will absorb the attack. 1/8 Phoenix As stated before, healing spells are. After each fight, characters will gain Magic AP, similar to EXP. Most require already having obtained Setzer and the Falcon in the World of Ruin. Originates from Hindu legend, where it is spelled Rama. 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