present perfect tense active and passive voice exercise

The man has helped me a lot. Who was invited by you? Dont beat the child. (A.V) The white cricket kit is worn by them. Mother is planting a few saplings. Active: Does he not play football? (v) The cat drank all the milk. ? The following instances require special attention : Passive. Thanks a Lots of. Examples: Active: He plays football.. We are to help the poor. We are three members of this website including me, Virender SIngh and Shreya Thakur.Our motto is to help all the friends who are seeking for the best future . Birds build nests. You should drink hot water daily. Our aim is to teach English Grammar to everyone. The letter will have been written by me. A verb is said to be in the active voice when the person or thing denoted by the subject acts. I have cooked dinner. 8. Download fill in the blank present perfect simple tense passive voice exercises and answer keys, for free. Exercise Present perfect Tense change the voice. Passive- I am loved by him. Exercise-1 Directions:- Convert the following tenses into Passive Voice:- 1. Passive: Kites are being flown by children. Let him wash the clothes. She has saved the boy from drowning. I love my parents. Exercise - passive voice. These tenses indicate an event that has been started in the past and continued to happen in the present. Active: Did you play football? Passive: Has rice been eaten by you? They expect good news. The poor should be helped. Published October 1, 2020, Your email address will not be published. These two sentences have the same meaning. 1. She is reading a novel. A verb is in active voice when the subject of the verb is the doer of the action. Note Food, A letter, TV A flower Verbs Passive Voice , Transitive Verb Passive Voice Intransitive Verb Passive Voice . Which man has stolen your purse? Vijay caught the thief. NOTE: in the passive voice, the doer of the action (generally in most cases) is not mentioned in the sentence as it is not what the focus is on; a sentence in the passive voice focuses on the receiver of the action (someone/something that the action is done upon). Active. Active. 4. 4. Who has killed the goat? They play video games. Sorry for your requestpdf is not available. Whom do you want? It has to be done by him. He is known for breaking down complex English topics and making them easy to be understood. We shall read the Ramayana. Preposition by at, to, with Are the questions solved by you? Passive voice: A cake was eaten by Jclay. Sohan had decorated his house before the party began. 3. 1. English tenses and verb conjugations are at the top of the first grammar rules learned. Which girl is doing your work? 2. Let your name be written. You will have completed your work. Will his medicine have been taken by him before the doctor comes? Passive: An honest man is trusted by all. Somebody told me that there had been an explosion in the Town Hall. More Exercises on Active Voice and Passive Voice: Active Voice and Passive Voice Exercises for Past Tense, Active Voice and Passive Voice Exercises for Future Tense, Active Voice and Passive Voice Exercises for Modals, If you want to learn about Active Voice and Passive Voice then click below on the link to learn them, Active Voice and Passive Voice with work sheet. You do not keep your word. He has been charging a battery. Example: My father helps me. Passive. How will the work have been finished by us? Jack has read the book. The police arrested the thieves. Regards. Active and Passive Voice Rules: Active and Passive voice rules: In English, the sentences can be written both active and passive voice. They had won the match. She might have found the purse. A lie has been told by her. Passive: All telephone wires have been cut. Will the letters be delivered by the postman? Dr. Wilson has cured my father. Active sentences in the present perfect tense have the following structure: Subject + has/have + past participle form of the verb + object Passive sentences in the present perfect tense have the following structure: Object of the active sentence + has/have + been + past . They the milk on Sundays. What will be done for you by him? She had never spoken the truth. I am helped by my father. Dont disturb him. I was not waiting for you. 2. Home English Grammar in Hindi Active Voice and Passive Voice in Hindi Rules, Examples & Exercises, Active Voice and Passive in Hindi Rules, Examples and Exercises Learn Active and Passive Voice in Hindi. Passive: S + was/were + V3 + prep + object + ROTS A beautiful song was sung by Ali last year. We shall be helped by this man. fascinated were fascinated had been fascinated 3. When did your grandfather build this house? Obj.) Someone has opened the door. (iv) The soldiers attacked the enemy barracks. - Note that who is a change to by whom and whom into who. They will laugh at you. Exercise 1: Put the following sentences into the Passive Form : Exercise 2: Put the following sentences into the Passive Form: Exercise 3 Put the following sentences into the Active Form : Exercise 4: Turn the following sentences into the Passive Voice. The poor beggar was laughed at by him. A verb is in passive voice when the subject of the verb and the doer of the action are different. The king gave the commander a reward. Passive Voice; I have made a clay doll. Were my friends playing cricket with you? It is suggested that we should play. In the present perfect tense, we make the passive verb form by putting has/have + been before the past participle form of the verb. Was that person known to you? A verb is in the passive voice when it represents the subject as the receiver or the product of an action. 4. They were playing cricket in the field. 4. Past Perfect: had been + past participle. What is being done in that company by your father? When was this house built by your grandfather? By whom will my purse be searched? Active. We may find him. He plays the violin. Our house had been sold by us before you went. Please complete the work today. 2. Exercise Simple Present Tense change the voice Do you eat meat? English Grammar Active Voice Passive Voice Active Voice Step by step guide for affirmative, negative, interrogative, negative interrogative and WH information questions sentences. War (to declare) !!! The thieves were arrested. Examples: Active voice: They study English. 5. How many toys will be bought by your child? Passive. 2. What will he do for you? Anything is asked these days by interviewers. This news has not been heard by them. 1. Open the door. 7. By which girl is your work being done? By whose son will you be helped? He has a flair for listening to the English language (podcasts, sitcoms, stories), observing the nuances, and making it easy for English learners. Active And Passive Voice of Present Perfect Continuous Affirmatives Active: S + have/has + been + V1 ing + object + ROTS Jalali has been teaching the advanced classes for more than six years. Now we know that the earth goes round the sun. 7. 6. Future Indefinite Tense Helping Verb Active Voice Shall Will Passive Shall Will Shall be Will be Passive Voice , Structure Passive Subject + shall be/will be + Main Verb III + by + Passive Object. 2. Had the boys eaten all the cakes? To learn Active Voice and Passive Voice, you should start with its introduction that is given below. 1. Seeta has answered all the questions. The truth had never been spoken by her. He has been driving his car to his office. If you are learning English or preparing for an exam, Active Voice and Passive Voice in Hindi will help you a lot. 5. We must be aware and capable of writing sentences in these voices. Sentence Please Kindly Passive Voice structure Passive Voice Please Kindly You are requested to , Structure You are requested to + Main Verb I + Object. Let the thief not be released. A precious ring was given me by me. The corrupt officers have been dismissed by the government. His dues will have to be cleared by Shyam. I have sent the parcel. Let a lie not be told. They have not sung a song. - They have not caught the thieves. 7. Let the music be played. Has the lion been killed by him? I had already been warned by you. Everyone will help us. He has cleared the account. ), Active Voice and Passive Voice in Hindi Rules, Examples & Exercises, Degree of Comparison in Hindi Definition, Rules and Examples, Flowers Name in Hindi and English with Pictures (list of flowers), Conditional Sentences in Hindi Definition, Rules and Examples, Future Indefinite Tense Exercises in Hindi Sentences for Translation, Finite and Non-finite Verbs Rules in Hindi Examples, Rules & Exercises, Present Perfect Continuous Tense in Hindi, Active Voice Passive Voice , Affirmative and Negative Sentences Passive Voice, Important Rules of Active and Passive Voice, Important Rules for Interrogative Sentences of Passive Voice, Active Voice and Passive Voice Exercise 1, Active Voice and Passive Voice Exercise 2, Use of Had in Hindi Meaning, Rules and Examples | Had , A Meaning in Hindi with Examples A / , Direct and Indirect Speech in Hindi (Narration) Rules, Examples, Exercises, Interrogative Sentences in Hindi Definition, Rules and Examples, Use of About to in Hindi Rules, Examples and Exercises, Use of These and Those in Hindi Meaning, Rules and Examples, Use of This and That in Hindi Meaning, Rules and Examples, Sentence subject, verb object , Passive Voice Helping Verb Passive Object , Main verb Third Form . Rohan plucked the flower. Happy to know that! (order) A Verb is said to be in the Active Voice when the person or thing denoted by the Subject acts or is active. Your elders should be obeyed. Has Sonu opened the windows of his room? Whom did you invite? Active. Get out. The present perfect is a tense that usually describes something about the past that has a connection with the present. Structure Has/Have + Passive Subject + been + Main verb III + By + Object + ? 3. 6. Where will she graze her cow? The field was overgrown with grass. 6. 5. A letter is written by him. 6. 5. We shall be helped by them with money. When to use the passive voice in English? Active: They renovated the restaurant in 2004. 5. 2. Good luck! A sentence in the active voice focuses on the doer of the action (the person who does the action), and a sentence is written in the passive voice when the writer wants to focus on the receiver of the action; the doer of the action is not even mentioned most of the times in the passive voice. Stand up. He draws nice portraits. Nobody will understand you. But in the first sentence, the Subject (the hunter) is the doer of the action (shot). Are the girls singing a song? 7. I Was lent ten rupees by Raman /Ten Rupees were lent to me by Raman. 10. (A.V) The Sugar-free bread is eaten by him. ( Present Perfect Tense) Active Voice Passive Voice Has, Have Has been, Have been . They might know something about him at the police station. 8. I am helped by my father. The young soldier was brought before the king. Please help me. 6. We have tried to write all the rules of passive voice. He has injured his knee. 6. Examples Let this work we done by me. Their brands are promoted all over the country by them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ten rupees (Dir. Let me write a letter. The government will have dismissed the corrupt officers. It tests what you learned on the Passive Voice page. What was Vijay carrying? As you know In Future Perfect Tense The Structure Is - "Subject + Will Have + V 3rd form + object" But In Passive Voice The Subject comes at last And Object Comes First Therefore the Structure of Is Formula / Structure: Object + Will Have + been + 3rdVerb Object: Means (This is the Subject of Passive) Like I , We , They , Or Any Name "Naveed" The ship was sunk hardly a kilometre off shore. Change Present Perfect Tense Into Passive Voice, Active And Passive Voice Exercise (Simple Present Tense), Active And Passive Voice Worksheet For Classes 7 And 8, Active And Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 7, Change Present Continuous To Passive Voice Worksheet, Change Present Continuous Tense Into Passive Voice | Class 7 Grammar Worksheets, class 7 active and passive voice exercise, NCERT Class 7 Geography Chapter 1 | Environment | Expected Questions, Class 7 Geography Chapter 3 | Our Changing Earth | Expected Questions And Answers, Transitive Or Intransitive Verbs Exercise, Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet For Class 7, Change Tense As Directed Worksheet For Class 6. Active: Reema cleaned the floor. The truth was spoken by me. Mr. Hardy builds carriages. Rule 3 Active Voice Proposition structure Passive Voice , Structure Passive Subject Helping Verb + main verb III + preposition + by + Passive Object, Note Verbs preposition verb . They are watching the sports. 6. How are their bikes washed by them? 2. Read the following sentences: (i) Hari killed a snake. A lot of money had to be paid. Had har floor wien cleaned by Ruchi? What is needed by him? 5. 6.Present Simple Active Voice He/Jump. Are you driving a car? Had Ruchi cleaned her floor? (order) 4. They always ask some difficult questions in the Science examination. Let your name not be written. Passive or active - exercises. 3.Present Continuous Passive Voice They/Look at. Aaj Mera test hai or mujhay is se samajh a gy. Passive: My friends were called by Naman. 6. Your work will have been completed by you. Obj.) 4. He is known to my father. 4. : Passive Voice may also be used with Infinitives. Active. By whom are you not taught? All of these sentences are in the present simple tense. Free tutorial to English active and passive voice. Had a letter been written by Raju before noon? In the article below we are going to elaborate the active and passive voice of simple present tense. 101 printable PDF worksheets for English grammar topic called present perfect passive. 4. 2. Passive: Football is played by him. What will have been done by Shyam by Monday? (ii) Somebody has opened a new bakery on the high street. He has been making a doll. - We have not agreed to this issue. She has not stolen my pen. They found him lying dead by the roadside. In Present indefinite tense, sentences in the active voice are formed using the subject and the first form of an action. Richard shot the bear. Connotation | Definition, Meaning, Synonym | How To Pronounce Connotation? They bought a house yesterday. - They have not read the book. For providing this important topic very efficiently, Thanx sir We had sold our house before you went. Subject Object By , Structure Passive Subject + Passive Voice Helping Verb + Main Verb III + By + Passive object, 3 Passive Voice Helping Verb Object Passive Helping Verbs , Note Passive Voice 8 Tenses Present perfect continuous tense, Past perfect continuous tense, Future continuous tense, Future perfect continuous tense Passive Voice , Tense Wise Passive Voice Rules in Hindi Affirmative and Negative Sentences Active Passive , Passive Voice Rules Tense Wise Passive Voice Rules Present Indefinite Tense Passive Voice Rules Structure Active Voice Sentence Passive Voice , Structure Passive Subject + is/am/are + Main Verb III + by + Passive Object. Anybody can solve this sum. 4.They have worn a cricket kit. I shall not invite you to the party. (Perfect) Look at the examples The questioning words when, why, where, how or what does not change their position at the beginning of the sentence when the active voice is changed into the passive voice. 2. 6. 1. Somebody taught him this in his boyhood. 5. 2. Passive Voice ? I was given a precious ring by him. It must be done at once. Active: Why did your father refuse such an honourable job? Was the thief caught by policeman? 1. NCERT Guides.Com 2022. The boy has broken the toy. Why did your brother give such a rude reply? The thief was caught by Vijay. In the passive sentence the focus is on the receiver of the action. Active. 4.Past Perfect Simple Passive Voice It/Eat. Kindly listen to me. How shall we have finished the work? 2. They fought a big battle here, three hundred years ago. 1. Dont tell a lie. Food is cooked by him. 8. They have not heard this news. He has been facing a problem. You have to wear this new dress. Why was such an honourable job refused by your father? ( ) She will have received the letter. You have stolen my book. No one has opened that chest for the last hundred years. Present Perfect Tense is used to refer to completed actions or states. Always help the poor. 3. You are requested to enter by the left door. A verb is said to be in the passive voice when the person or thing denoted by the subject does not a ;t, bat suffers the action done by the something or by someone. Active. 3. What had he watched by evening? Passive. Active Voice and Passive Voice Rules in Hindi are given below. 2. Solved Exercise of Positive Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense to Passive Voice 1.He eats sugar-free bread. How many toys will your child buy? Change the following sentences into the passive voice. What is your father doing in that company? 4. Passive Voice with free online passive simple present perfect, passive rules and passive voice examples. 4. 2. Let the flower not be plucked. My promise has been kept by me. Important YouTube lessons related to this post: Thanks sir Aaj mera test tha school me kuch acche se padaya nhi gya tha aapke diye hue structure se rewise ho gya thanks . 2. Were the children being chased by you? Exercise on Passive Voice - Present Perfect Rewrite the sentences in passive voice. In this lesson, we will examine the topic of active and passive voice examples with answers. Present Perfect Continuous Tense Active and Passive Voice Exercise - In this quiz, we will ask multiple choice questions about Active and Passive Voice in Present Perfect Continuous Tense. Passive. These are simply two different ways of saying the same thing. TV is being watched by Shyam. A letter was being written by Sita to her father. 29 Passive past perfect. 2. 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